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RDF1-433Superhetrodyne FM Receiver Decoder433.92 MHz
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The RDF1 is a complete FM receiver and decoder module in one, providing a
complete radio system with up to four digital outputs and single serial data
output when used with one of our FIREFLY keyfob or HORNET Handheld
transmitter units. Dependant on the transmitter, a system using the RDF1
can achieve a line of sight range of up to 150 m (500 ft).

The RDF1 module consists of a front end super heterodyne receiver and
an embedded microcontroller which decodes the RF string for a compatible
transmitter and outputs to 4 telemetry lines and as serial data.

The module has an easy-to-use 'LEARN' facility, and is capable of storing
up to 40 pairings within its internal in non volatile memory (EEPROM)

  • Reliable 433.92 MHz FM technology with a range of up
    to 150 m (500 ft)
  • Small form factor
  • Four digital and one serial data outputs
  • Outputs momentary or latching
  • Minimum external components
  • Direct LED drive shows data reception
  • 5 V  supply voltage
  • Secure data protocol
  • CE compliant for licence free use
  • Compatible with our keyfob transmitters: HORNET-TX1,
  • Compatible with our hand held transmitters: FIREFLY-TX1,
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