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RF Solutions RDF1 Single Board Receiver/Decoder Module28/05/2014 - Web Press Release

Adding remote on/off functionality to electronic projects is now easy and cost effective with RF Solutions’ RDF1 single board receiver/decoder modules, available from OKW Electronics.

The RDF1 provides superheterodyne FM receiver decoder functionality in one easy to install unit ­ making it ideal for a wide range of remote control, telemetry and RFID applications.

Ventilated DIN Rail Enclosures05/03/2014 - Web Press Release

OKW Electronics has extended its wide range of DIN rail enclosures with ventilated models ranging from 1 to 12 modules (standard height 90 mm, depth 58 mm).

Typical applications include automation, building and safety technology, heating and air conditioning systems, sensors, timers and lighting controls.

DIN Rail PCB Holders15/10/2013 - Web Press Release

Increased use of process automation and robotics around the world is driving demand for RAILTEC DIN rail PCB holders from OKW Electronics.

OKW’s RAILTEC PCB holders are designed for mounting open PCB assemblies on standard DIN rails in equipment housings and control cabinets.

Pluggable PCB Terminal Blocks28/08/2013 - Web Press Release

OKW Electronics, Inc has added two new ranges of pluggable PCB terminal block connectors to its huge range of components.

The first is a range of Top Entry Pluggable Terminal Blocks which allow for easier connection and disconnection of the electronics components from PCBs in equipment cabinets and enclosures.

OKW electronics components range22/01/2013 - Web Press Release

OKW Electronics, Inc has launched a new website to help customers
find the components they need quickly and easily.

New Website22/01/2013 - Press Release

OKW has re-launched the website for its electronic components division
OKW Electronics, Inc. 

PCB Terminal Blocks31/10/2012 - Web Press Release
OKW Electronics has launched the extensive CTB93xx pluggable rising clamp
PCB terminal blocks range from Camden Electronics.

New Plug-in Rising Clamp PCB Terminal Blocks31/10/2013 - Web Press Release

OKW Electronics has introduced the new CSTBV Series
of push-button Screwless PCB Terminal Blocks manufactured
by Camden Electronics ­ speeding up installations and servicing.

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