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Superhetrodyne FM Receiver Decoder

Part # RDF1-433


Technical Specification

Description: The RDF1 is a complete FM receiver and decoder module in one, providing a complete radio system with up to four digital outputs and single serial data output when used with RF Solutions FIREFLY, or HORNET hand held/key fob transmitters. Dependant on the transmitter, a system using the RDF1 can achieve up to 200m range. The RDF1 module consists of a front end super heterodyne receiver and an embedded microcontroller which decodes the RF string for a compatible transmitter and outputs to 4 telemetry lines and as serial data. The module has an easy-to-use 'LEARN' facility, and is capable of storing up to 40 pairings within its internal in non volatile memory (EEPROM).
Applications: Remote control, radio telemetry, RFID
Compatible transmitters: HORNET, FIREFLY
Frequency:  433.92 MHz
Max range:  200 m (656 ft) Line of site
Supply voltage:  5 V
Supply current:  7.8 mA
Operating temp:  -0ºC to 60ºC
Approvals:  -





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