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News : Faster Connections With New Screwless PCB Terminal Blocks

Faster Connections With New Screwless PCB Terminal Blocks

screwless terminal blocksOKW Electronics has introduced the new CSTBV Series of push-button Screwless PCB Terminal Blocks manufactured by Camden Electronics ­ speeding up installations and servicing.

These UL and VDE approved terminal blocks feature a push-button actuator for fast wire connection and release without the need for fixing screws.
This makes them ideal for applications that demand simple and fast assembly or frequent servicing with disassembly and reconnection.

The CSTBV Series is available in six standard pitches: 5mm, 5.08mm, 7.5mm, 7.62mm, 10mm and 10.16mm.
Specifications include cable entry up to 16 AGW, ratings of 10A/250V or 10A/750V, dielectric strength ≥2.5kV/60sec, insulation resistance 5MΩ, and a working temperature range from -20˚C to +125 ˚C (160˚C for short periods).

Each is molded in light gray flame retardant PA66 and is pre-assembled with the push-button spring actuator mechanism and PCB pins. The pins and terminals are manufactured in 5μ tin plated phosphor bronze. The desired number of poles is achieved by snap-fitting a series of blocks together and then fitting an end plate. 

OKW can supply each CSTBV PCB terminal block with any number of poles up to a maximum 36, 24 or 18 poles, depending upon the required pitch size.

OKW Electronics, Inc, Vice President, Sales, Sean Bailey said: “Our new screwless PCB terminals make installations, upgrades and servicing quick and easy ­ saving time and boosting productivity.”

Features of the new CSTBV Series Screwless PCB terminal blocks:

  • Unique screwless terminals with push-button actuator for cable insertion and release
  • Molded in gray flame retardant PA66
  • CUL recognized, IMQ, UL, VDE and CE approved
  • Guided pin alignment
  • Anti-solder wicking
  • Spacers in 2.5mm, 2.54mm, 5mm and 5.08 mm available
  • Full customization, produced from 1 pole units
  • Available without actuators (screwdriver operation) ­ special order as a PCB screw terminal block
  • Rating: 10A/250V (5mm and 5.08 mm), 10A/750V (all others). UL=10A, CUL=10A, IMQ=10A, VDE=10A
  • Dielectric strength: ≥ 2.5kV/60 sec (5mm & 5.08 mm), ≥ 3kV/60 sec (all others)  
  • Insulation resistance: ≥ 5MΩ  
  • Working temperature: -20°C to 125 °C (short period 160°C)  
  • Material: UL94 V-0 flame retardant PA66

These PCB terminal blocks are part of the extensive range offered by OKW Electronics which also includes fast connection pluggable terminal blocks .

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