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News : OKW Launches Its New Electronic Components Website

OKW Launches Its New Electronic Components Website


New Website

OKW has re-launched the website for its electronic components division OKW Electronics, Inc.

The site is completely new, replacing the previous website with a new more user friendly product interface. Design engineers can now find the exact component they need faster, and are provided with more technical information and downloadable datasheets.

Instead of scrolling down long webpage product lists, the visitor simply selects from product criteria boxes in the search panel; the list of available items is then refreshed to present the exact match items. This greatly reduces the search effort, especially for products with a large number of search criteria for example PCB terminal blocks with pitch, poles, termination, rating, voltage, wire gauge etc. Once an item is found, the engineer can immediately request a free sample.

OKW Electronics offers an extensive range of electronic and electrical components including PCB terminal blocks, electrical connectors, DIN rail enclosures, DIN rail PCB holders, fuses and fuse holders, battery balancers, FM remote control systems, radio modules, embedded RF systems and antennas.

The extensive range of PCB terminal blocks includes pluggable and PCB mount models in all popular pitch sizes from 3.5 mm to 10.16 mm. These are fitted with screw clamp, wire protector or high quality rising clamp fixings for 30 to 6 AWG wire sizes. The terminals blocks are UL, CE, VDE and IMQ approved and are rated 6A to 58A / 125V, 300V or 630V.

OKW’s comprehensive range of electrical connectors includes terminal strips, barrier strips, high temperature and push-in fast connection blocks. The terminal strips are rated from 17.5 A to 125 A / 450 V or 600 V.

The OKW Electronics website also features a huge range of modular DIN rail enclosures which conform to DIN 46277-3 (EN 50022) specifications. The cases are designed for electronic control equipment which is mounted to TH35, TH15 and G32 rails. The enclosures snap-together and are available in sizes from 1 to 12 modules wide.

Fuses and fuse holders are available for all types of circuit protection. Applications include micro circuits, Gg general power, aR semiconductor, aM motor circuit and gPV photovoltaic circuit protection. The fuses are rated from 50mA to 32A and are available as fast acting or time delay. PCB, chassis and panel mount fuse holders are also offered.

The new OKW website also includes a market leading range of ready-to-use FM remote control systems. These allow complete out-of-the-box integration of wireless remote control. The RF range also includes embedded systems, radio modules and antennas for 433.92 MHz and 315 MHz applications. The FM remote control systems are FCC Part 15 approved.

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