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  Part # Product Voltage Range Target Operating Voltage
CEQ6A6V Battery Balancer4.5-7.5V DC6V
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CEQ8A8V Battery Balancer6-10V DC8V
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CEQ12A12V Battery Balancer8-16V DC12.8V
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CEQ15A15V Battery Balancer10.5-17V DC14.8V
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When charging two or more batteries in series one can become under-charged
and one over charged. This imbalance is self-perpetual and shortens battery
life due to dry out and sulphating. Camden battery balancers measure and
equalize the charging voltage within 0.1V, ensuring balanced charging.

  • Improves performance and extends life of batteries charged in
    series by 10%
  • Can be used with two or more batteries connected in series
  • One balancer is used between each pair or batteries
  • M3 ring terminals for ease of connection, three color coded
    57 mm leads
  • Dust and water sealed, suitable for damp conditions
  • Four models available for 6V, 8V, 12V or 15V target voltage, 
    maximum current flow 1 A
  • Ideal for all types of applications including electric vehicle,
    uninterrupted power supplies etc.
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