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  Part # Product Frequency Fixing
FLBNC-3151/4 Wave Whip Antenna315 MHzBNC
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FLBNC-4331/4 Wave Whip Antenna433.92 MHzBNC
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FLM4-3151/4 Wave Whip Antenna315 MHzM4
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FLM4-4331/4 Wave Whip Antenna433.92 MHzM4
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PUBNC-315Helical Antenna315 MHzBNC
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PUBNC-433Helical Antenna433.92 MHzBNC
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PUM4-315Helical Antenna315 MHzM4
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PUM4-433Helical Antenna433.92 MHzM4
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SCRTM4RAM4 PCB Screw Terminal ( 90º Mounting)315 MHz, 433.92 MHzM4
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High quality antennas designed specifically for low power short range
telemetry systems. These antennas will provide your system with
optimum range and reliability.
  • 315 MHz and 433.92 MHz frequency
  • 50 ohm impedance
  • ¼ wave whip antennas
  • Helical antennas
  • Omni-directional designs
  • BNC bayonet and M4 screw connections
  • Rugged flexible plastic finish
  • Low cost M4 PCB screw terminal accessory
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