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  Part # Product PCB Width
B6720440Base Section (PCB L = 18.5 mm)107 mm
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B6720441Base Section (PCB L = 35 mm)107 mm
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B6720442Base Section with DIN Rail Foot (PCB L = 18.5 mm)107 mm
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B6720443Base Section with DIN Rail Foot (PCB L = 35 mm)107 mm
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B6820532Panel Mounting Flange (for end cover)72 mm
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B6820533Panel Mounting Flange (for end cover with foot)72 mm
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B6820542Panel Mounting Flange (for end cover)107 mm
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B6820543Panel Mounting Flange (for end cover with foot)107 mm
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Modular DIN rail open PCB holders which can be configured to the required PCB length. The holders are ideal for a wide range of industrial applications such as automation, building and safety technology, heating and air conditioning, automatic timers and sensing equipment.

The holders simply snap together for fast installation of the PCB. Simply combine
the required number of base sections to create a suitable length module for your PCB.

  • Designed for 72 mm and 107 mm wide PCBs
  • Fast snap-on mounting to TH35 or G32 DIN rails
  • The PCB simply slides in to the guide rails in the moldings
  • End panels with or without a DIN rail foot
  • Base sections in different widths
  • Optional DIN rail clip for base sections
  • Accessory panel mounting flange available when not fitting the
    module to a DIN rail
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