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Hybrid FM Transmitter Radio Module

Part # FMRTFQ1-433


Technical Specification

Description: FM transmitter radio module for implementing one-to-one and multi-node wireless data links of up 75m (246 ft) in-building and to 250m (820 ft) in open ground. Highly stable ceramic hybrid design with no adjustable components ensures very reliable operation.
Applications: Wireless security systems, car alarms, remote gate controls, remote sensing, data capture, sensor reporting
Paired module: FMRRFQ1-433
Frequency:  433.92 MHz
Max range:  200 m (820 ft) Line of site
Supply voltage:  3.3 V
Supply current:  7 mA
Standby current:  100 nA
Operating temp:  -20ºC to 85ºC
Approvals:  -





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