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The HORNET FM remote control system is supplied complete and ready to use. The system is housed in a rugged IP68 weatherproof enclosure and is deal for a wide variety of remote switching applications. For example, general purpose remote control, garage doors, electric gates, roller shutters doors, access control and all types of lighting (LED, fluorescent halogen, tungsten and xenon).

  • Reliable and secure 433.92 MHz FM technology
  • Line of site range up to 100 m (330 ft)
  • Supplied as complete systems with 1, 2 or 3 channels
  • System supplied with a receiver unit and a key fob transmitter
  • Additional key fob transmitters and the receiver unit can be
    ordered separately
  • Additional transmitters are added using the 'learn' process
  • Any button on the transmitter can be used to control one or
    many outputs on the receiver unit
  • 12Vdc to 30Vdc  supply voltage
  • Up to four 1000W relay switches
  • Built in mounting points and easy wiring using high quality
    screw terminals.
  • EMC / FCC compliant for USA and Europe (FCC Part 15,
    Class B digital device)
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