PCB Mount Fuse Holders

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Useful range of PCB mount fuse holders designed for standard 5 x 20 mm
glass or ceramic power fuses and plug-in fuses.

  • Open fuse carriers for 5 x 20 mm with straight or kinked pins and optional transparent insulation cover
  • Semi-enclosed fuse holders for 5 x 20 mm fuses with or without 
    mounting spigot. Snap-on retaining insulation cover
  • Horizontal or vertical mount fuse holders for 5 x 20 mm fuses. With finger/screwdriver release bayonet carrier
  • PCB fuse holder for plug-in fuses with 5.08 mm pitch pins
  • IEC 127-6 and UL 512 standards
  • Approvals UL, VDE, CE, S
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