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Extensive range of modular DIN rail enclosures for mounting electronic controls to standard TH35 DIN rails. The enclosures and have a secure snap-together assembly
and are molded in tough flame retardant polycarbonate. Typical applications include automation, building and safety technology, heating and air conditioning systems, sensors, timers and lighting controls.

To configure your DIN rail enclosures, order the basic housings, terminal guards,
front panels, lids and accessories separately from the individual sections.

  • Fast mounting to EN 60715 TH35 DIN rails (TH15 or G32 with accessory adaptor)
  • Six sizes from 1 to 12 modules wide (1 module = 17.5 mm)
  • Screw pillars in the base plus vertical and horizontal guides in the top provide five possible positions for mounting the PCBs
  • Base section fitted with combination rail/wall mounting clips
  • Termination of the PCB available on one side or both sides of the enclosure
  • Basic Housing Version 1 ­ open front, unvented with case walls open to inside
  • Basic Housing Version 2 ­ open front, vented with case walls open to inside
  • Basic Housing Version 3 ­ open front, unvented with case walls extended to protect the internal components
  • PCB to protect the electronics inside (terminal guards not required)
  • Basic Housing Version 4 ­ closed front, unvented and case walls open to inside
  • See separate ordering sections for the required terminal guards, front panels, lids and accessories 
  • Material  PC (UL 94 V-0)
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